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Watercolors and Freshwater Pearls
cafe au lait dahlia 2_edited.jpg
Purple/Green/Gold Freshwater Pearls in Sugar Paste
Sugarpaste Rosed in the Process
Red, the Sarcastic and Yellow, the Simple


The most delicate tinges of color on an Icelandic Rose in sugarpaste
Irish Charm Wedding Cake
Sweet Peas in Sugarpaste
A Sweet Roseling in Sugarpaste
Orange Poppy in Sugarpaste
The Beginning of a Japanese Poppy against a lovely Aqua Background
Ruffly Wild Rose in Sugarpaste
Beginning of a Dahlia in Sugarpaste
poppy 4.jpg
Adding Color Dust to the center of the Sugar Paste Rose
Wild Flower in Sugarpaste
Kickin' it old school!
Ah! I love guard petals on a rose!
Teal Cake 3.0
Watercolors and Freshwater Pearls 2.0
cafe au lait dahlia
Softest Shades of Petal Dust_edited.jpg
the delicate beginning of a Cafe au Lait Dahlia
Creamy Sorbetto Colors of Fondant
Watercolors on Wafer Paper
unnamed (15)a.jpg
unnamed (7)aa.jpg
unnamed (12)aa.jpg
unnamed (11)aaa.jpg
unnamed (8)a.jpg
Cornelli Lace piped Buttercream
Happy Birthday Marcie!
Blue/Chocolate/White/Gold Marbled Fondant
A Grouping of Mums in Sugarpaste
The Sweet Process_ Petal Dusting Sugar Leaves
Purple_Green_Gold Freshwater Pearls in Sugar Paste 3.0
Blueberries in Sugarpaste
rose from Maggie Austin class 3_edited.jpg
webpage photo 121_edited.jpg
Sugarpaste Gardenias in the process
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